Styles of Pens


Currently this is the only sytle of pen that we are offering on our site. In the future, we will have more. This is a very classic style pen with an upper and lower portion each made from the blank. In our case, all the pens are made from wooden blanks, although there are acrylic blanks that we may try in try in the future as well. Currently all of our pens have a silver tip, cap, clip, and band. The following are the 5 styles of slimlines that we offer:
  1. Ultra-Slim: These are as slim as I can turn them. They are very light-weight and compact. They are great for checkbooks, purses, or even in the golf bag.
  2. Slim: Still a straight slim profile, but are even or a bit proud of the tip.
  3. Hourglass: This is an hourglass shape that bows out at the top and bottom. This adds a little more weight to the pen and may be a more comfortable grip for some.
  4. Full-Hourglass: This is very similar to the hourglass shape; however, it is even wider with more weight.
  5. Unique: Most of my pens fall in the first 4 categories, but every once in a while I do something outside of the box. These will certainly make a statement. They may be more of a conversation piece than an everyday writing instrument.