Holly and Sapele Cutting Board

Holly and Sapele Cutting Board
SKU: JRC-00371

This is a wonderful and solid cutting board.  It is made of holly and sapele.  Holly is a rare wood to work with and it does have some irregularities in it that show up against the rest of the wood which is remarkable uniform and tight grain.  Sapele is a mahogany and is very attractive as most mahogany's are.

End grain cutting boards use the concept behind butcher-blocks.  They are cut in strips to expose the dense fibers of the end grain, yet are easier on your knifes.  To make the pattern boards, they are cut, glued together, then cut again and glued together again.

These are made with food safe glues and finishes, specifically I used Watco Butcher Block finish.

Approximate dimensions: 16" long x 13 1/2 " wide x 1 1/4" tall and weighs close to 4 pounds.


I learned everything I know about making end grain cutting boards from Marc Spagnuolo aka "The Wood Whisperer".  Check out his video for some great information on the advantages of an end graing cutting board, what goes into making them, and at the end of the video, Marc goes into the easy maintenance of your cutting board.

How to Make a Butcher Block End Grain Cutting Board