Wood Vase - Elm and Bubinga

Handcrafted wood vase of Elm and Bubinga.
SKU: JRC-00215

Limited Supplies

A unique handcrafted wood vase of Elm and Bubinga.  This design is inspired by Woodsmith magazine.  This is made from a slab of wood that we purchased as part of a fund raiser.  This was from what I believe was an Elm tree.  It was a massive old tree in the Moravian Cemetery  in the historic town of Nazareth, Pennsylvania.   It fell after a huge storm.  See a picture of the slab that it came from.

You will receive the exact vase pictured.  This particular vase has some flaws with the inside compartment (crack in the bubinga - see the picture for details), but when filled no one will notice, and the unique wood more than makes up for these flaws.


Approximate dimensions: 6" tall x 6" wide (at max point) x 2" deep


*vase not intended to hold water